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Guida Pereira crashed into her art...literally.

Following a car accident that led to the near loss of her left arm in 2003, Pereira recovered, discovering a whole new purpose for her right one.

Well into her rehabilitation, Guida began putting paintbrush to canvas, experimenting with acrylic, oil, organic textures and metallics. What resulted was the start of a collection demonstrating a fearless delivery of bold colour fuelled by uninhibited emotion, learned experiences and nostalgia.

Born in December of 1963, the self-taught artist takes inspiration from her birthplace, Macau, making her abstract style an eclectic mixture of Chinese and Portuguese influences.

Inspired by, but far from, a wreck, Pereira's work depicts her journey through life one canvas at a time - starting from humble beginnings, but anticipating no end to her storytelling strokes.




Thank you Algarve Art Magazine - I am very honoured to be featured and on the cover of your first edition.

Click to read the interview on page 12.


Photography by © RITA DELILLE

Member of Peace and Art Society Portugal

Member of ICAF "International Culture & Arts Federation", South Korea

Member of The Community for all Artists (SAA), United Kingdom

Member of Algarve Society ot Artists (ASA), Portugal

Member of GAPI "Gogyoshi Art Project International", The Netherlands


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